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July 18, 2022    

Heads of the divisions of TAIF-NK held a joint training session at the sports club

     During the week, "Open Days" were held at the Orange fitness sports club for employees of TAIF-NK JSC. Everyone could come to the gym or swimming pool.

     On Saturday, the sports club was visited by the heads of the divisions of TAIF-NK JSC. By their example, they showed that playing sports is not only useful, but also fun. About 30 people came to recharge with a good mood and get positive emotions. The initiator of the meeting was Maxim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC, who regularly exercises at the sports club.

 - Sport helps to unite the team, strengthen relationships, team spirit, and, of course, health. A close-knit, friendly team can find prompt and correct solutions in the most unusual situations. Therefore, in order to maintain a strong and powerful team of TAIF-NK, it was suggested that everyone gather together in the gym. Technologists, accountants, and plant managers came. Today we will have a common goal that we will fulfill together," Maxim Novikov addressed the team.

   A group training on professional exercise bicycle Cycle was organized for the company's heads of the divisions. Classes were held under the invigorating music and accompanied by an experienced coach.

 - Currently, under the leadership of General Director Maxim A. Novikov, the company regularly hosts targeted events aimed at supporting a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of which, in my opinion, is to create a healthy, motivated society among both workers and heads of the divisions who are ready to perform any tasks. One of such unifying events is participation in the Cycle group lesson," says Alexey Khristoforov, Head of the Design Department of TAIF-NK JSC.

 According to him, for the first time he managed to see and communicate in one place with most of the heads of the divisions in an informal setting – “without ties”.

 - We received a lot of positive emotions that affect the vitality. Physical exertion helped to overcome himself, to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Frankly, I decided not to put physical exercises aside, I plan to purchase a membership card for myself and my wife," said Evgeny Ivanov, Director of the Information Technology Department of TAIF-NK JSC.

   For TAIF-NK JSC, caring for employees and commitment to a healthy lifestyle are among the key values of the company. The company creates all conditions for sports, regularly holds sports events, organizes tournaments in football, volleyball, table tennis, athletics and ski racing.


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