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March 28, 2022    

First time TAIF-NK arranges corporate shooting competition.

 TAIF-NK JSC arranged shooting competitions among its employees in the shooting range of “Neftekhimik”. Trap shooting Masters of sports of international class and experienced instructors taught beginners the safe weapon handling and helped experienced shooters to brush up on their skills.
- Target shooting is a unique sport that strengthens the spiritual strength, develops self-control, strength and static endurance, agility, smartness. In addition, shooting exercises give an extraordinary charge of emotions and adrenaline" - says Alexander Makarov, head of “Neftekhimik” shooting range.
TAIF-NK JSC arranged shooting competitions for the first time. More than 40 employees took part in the competitions, among those who came to check their aiming accuracy were ladies. Competitioners shot off the sports weapons at round targets in a fire zone of 50 meters. Each shooter made three proof shots and five record shots.
- I didn’t have shooting experience before. It was very interesting for me to try. I had feeling of excitement. First of all, we got through a detailed instruction how to behave at shooting and all information was conveyed. Now we are waiting for our turn to try our luck," says Irina Permyakova, a specialist of TAIF-NK JSC labor protection department.
- I hit the mark during the first two proof shots and I hit a top corner during the third shot. The other five shots were not easy because the glasses fogged up. I think the result is successful for the first time of shooting. I am very glad that I took part in the shooting competitions. We had chance to meet and communicate with our colleagues as well as to charge with high spirit, - says Rinat Yaminov, an operator of Crude Oil Processing Plant, TAIF-NK JSC.
- I like shooting, I used to engage in some contests at my previous job. I have a competitive spirit. We express gratitude to our management for the opportunity to try our hand in shooting. Such competitions bring the team closer together, give positive emotions, - says Natalia Samokhina, a specialist of TAIF-NK JSC labor protection department.

The best shooters among men and women were awarded with diplomas and prizes based on the competition results.
- Any employer is interested in its employees to be healthy, capable to work and physically vigorous to provide growth of labor productivity. Now days many people have already understood that it is not enough to take care only of working conditions but it is required the employees to have possibility to go in for sports, spend exciting free time, have a good rest," says Olga Nikitina, a Chairman of TAIF-NK JSC council of labor collective.
Promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle is one of the mainstreams of TAIF-NK JSC corporate social policy. The Company tries to create all conditions for physical training and sports. The Company’s employees play football, volleyball, table tennis, visit an ice rink and a swimming pool rented by the Company. Game sports are used for running the competitions and competitive skiing is arranged in winter. The number of employees wishing to go in for physical training is growing annually at TAIF-NK JSC.

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