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July 22, 2013 TAIF-NK PSC employees have shown their readiness to emergencies.

19, July 2013 a scheduled training among technological subsidiary staff of Refinery, Gasoline Plant and Managing employees of petrochemical retail realization has passed at the enterprise. A serious examination waited for competition participants (21 commands): they were to pass a lap relay-race and answer questions on fire-prevention safety.

Competitions among commands of voluntary fire society are carried out in TAIF-NK PSC company annually. Importance of competitions in fire sports is difficult to be overestimated. The competitions purpose is perfection of skills in effective application of fire extinguishing means and skills of rescue works execution.

Participants of the competition have passed 4 uneasy stages. In the first one – they were to put on a gas mask in the shortest possible time and run 100 meters. In the second stage a command should shake down a ball with a jet of water from fire hose. In the third one - to overcome all steeplechases: quickly and lost-free in time run along a boom, then - jump over a fence. The most difficult and close to real conditions was the fourth stage of the competition - participants of commands in full regimentals should for short time extinguish ignition by means of a fire extinguisher. Someone succeeded to cope with the fire for a few seconds, for someone it took about a minute. But all participants of the competition used the best efforts to reach the finish first.


July 15, 2013 TAIF-NK PSC - the laureate of competition “Top goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2013”
Results of competition “Top goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2013” carried out within Program “Top hundred Russian goods” have been resumed.
On results of republican level competition in nomination "Industrial and technological production" the laureates became:
  • Diesel fuel EURO-5 class 2, type III (DF-5) for cold period,
  • Diesel fuel EURO-5 class 2, grade, C, Е, type III (DF-5) for temperate climate.


June 19, 2013 The Annual report of TAIF-NK PSC for 2012 has been approved
The annual report for 2012 and the annual accounting reports for 2012, including the profit and loss statement, have been approved by the Decision of Shareholder of TAIF-NK PSC, the net income earned for the year 2012 has been distributed and the Board of Directors of TAIF-NK PSC has been elected.


April 5, 2013 TAIF-NK PSC is recognized to be one of the best Russian companies in sphere of ecology and ecological management

By decision of competitive commission and Independent public council of competition "Top hundred Russian organizations. Ecology and ecological management" TAIF-NK PSC was titled the laureate - with presentation of diploma and a gold medal.

Presentation with awards of ecological competition took place on the VII annual All-Russia conferences "Ecology and manufacture. Prospects of environmental protection economic mechanisms development ", hold from the 29th of March till the 1st of April, 2013 in St.-Petersburg.


February 25, 2013 A 2013 TAIF-NK PSC conference to approve a staff was held.
On February 25, 2013 TAIF-NK PSC has held the conference of the staff. On the meeting the collective agreement 2013 has been adopted and the results of implementing the collective agreement 2012 have been summarized.


February 13, 2013 TAIF-NK PSC General Director Amil Kalimullan has participated in meeting of Tatarstan Republic Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Board
On February 12, 2013 in The Cabinet council there has been held a meeting of Tatarstan Republic Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Board. The President of Tatarstan Republic R.N. Minnikhanov and the Minister of Russian Federation Ecology and Natural Resources S.E. Donskoy have participated in the Board work.

The Minister of Tatarstan Republic Ecology and Natural Resources Artem Sidorov speaking at the meeting with a report on results of work in 2012 and goals for 2013, has noted achievements of large Tatarstan Companies in sphere of environmental protection. So, it has been noted in the statement that in 2012 TAIF-NK PSC started construction of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex that will improve quality of released motor fuel and positively affect the environment.


February 11, 2013 In TAIF-NK PSC compliance audit for second compliance with requirements new version of the International Standards has successfully passed
November 29, 2012 TAIF-NK PSC is the laureate of competition “100 best goods of Russia 2012” and the winner of competition “Best goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2012”.
In November, 29th, 2012 a solemn ceremony of rewarding the winners of All-Russian competition “100 best goods of Russia” and Republican competition “Best goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2012” took place in Kazan Town Нall. Awards to the winners were presented by the Prime minister of Tatarstan Republic Ildar Halikov.

TAIF-NK Company has got diplomas of laur


November 16, 2012 In TAIF-NK PSC compliance audit for compliance with requirements new version of the International Standard AS 9100 has successfully passed
In November 2012, passed compliance audit the Company's integrated management system for compliance with requirements with international aviation standards of the new version of the EN/AS 9100:2009 (rev. C). Meeting the requirements of this standard is mandatory in the production of jet fuel, and for government and military orders.

The high level of management system certification requested area of TAIF-NK PSC for the production, storage and shipment of jet fuels was reaffirmed by international certification body "Bureau Veritas certification."


November 9, 2012 On November 9, 2012 the TAIF-NK PSC announced to start construction of Heavy Oil Residue Conversion Complex. To mark this event were solemnly laid a capsule with a memorable message for future generations.
In Nizhnekamsk, in the territory of TAIF-NK PSC, a formal function took place to mark the start of construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC). For the first time in Russia, the company will work on technology Veba Combi Cracker.


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