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June 5, 2020    

Earth Day: Balance between Nature and Economics

On June 5, Russia celebrates the Day of the Ecologist. TAIF-NK takes this opportunity to congratulate all environmentalists with their professional holiday and does sincerely appreciate them for their diligent work, pro-active stand and continuous work for the improvement of the management system in the field of environmental protection.
A big team of TAIF-NK highly skilled specialists is engaged in improving the environmental situation, efficient and rational use of natural resources. Their main task is to minimize the negative impact on nature: to monitor air and the process of wastewater treatment, timely neutralization and disposal of wastes. Environmental experts as well are carrying out the environmental assessments, public hearings, coordinating Company business profile with state regulatory authorities, and etc.
TAIF-NK is on the position that environmental friendly operation is a prerequisite for the successful functioning and development of the business. Careful attitude to nature is the highest priority for the Company Management. Company is quite fair in the assessment of environmental risks and minimizes them by investing heavily in the projects for improvement of the environmental situation in the region, reduction of the negative impact on the environment, which are achieved thanks to new resource-saving and state-of the- art production technologies. Thus, last year TAIF-NK allocated more than Rub 1.1 bln to a set of activities aimed on the environmental protection, and implemented more than twenty major environmental protection projects.



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