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June 6, 2022    Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

Core value of TAIF-NK Crude Oil Processing Plant

TAIF-NK. It is not just modern production, massive equipment and complex units. First of all, these are people united by a common idea, who are able to make the right and bold decisions. Today we are talking about the employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant — the heart of the enterprise, which has long been considered a real source of manpower. More than one generation of successful managers were brought up here. Read in Realnoe Vremya’s report whose hands the present day in the plant is being created with.

The way to a big world of crude oil refining

The Crude Oil Processing Plant of TAIF-NK JSC has played an important role in the economy of Tatarstan since its foundation. Back in 1997, based on the primary crude oil processing unit CDU/VDU-7 which was leased, TAIF JSC carried out the revamp of production facilities in a short time at its own expense, and then bought it into ownership.

Two years later, the plant reached the installed capacity of 7 mln. tonnes of crude oil a year. The quality and depth of refining have improved. Despite the difficulties — and, by the way, there was a swamp on the site of the modern Crude Oil Processing Plant  —construction of the newest units went on at an accelerated tempo, and later on a large-scale revamp began.

— The designers had to do their best to make the unit overgrown with a Middle Distillates Hydrotreating Complex, a Visbreaker. In parallel, a bitumen unit was built, commodity parks were expanded. A global job was done — one workshop turned out to be a huge plant with an existing today commercial products slate," says Vladimir Lahomov, Director of the TAIF-NK JSC Crude Oil Processing Plant.

Thousands of employees of the enterprise took part in the making of the modern refinery, many of whom are still working in the interests of their dear enterprise. A shift supervisor of Crude Oil Processing Plant Workshop No. 03 Ramil Valeev is a veteran of production. He got a job at the Crude Oil Processing Plant 21 years ago as a senior operator. He says that since then oil refining has become his life’s work.

— The plant is my life. I myself come from Almetyevsk. I came to Nizhnekamsk to conquer petrochemistry. But I didn’t work at Nizhnekamskneftekhim for long. I was told that a new plant was being built. We went there to a job interview. I was told that I fit the level of experience and knowledge. I came here to work as a senior operator, then I became a shift supervisor. This level suited me quite well, and then I took up educational work," Valeev recalls.

Today Ramil Valeev is unofficially called the second director of the Crude Oil Processing Plant. Over the two decades he trained many young specialists, passed on his experience, knowledge to them, opened the way to the big world of crude oil processing.

“Almost all employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant are my students, so to speak, more than a half for sure. Even the managers. And my boss now - Head of Workshop No. 3 Shaimardanov Lenar. Once I examined him. As if I knew he would be my boss, I gave him an A (laughing). And all shift supervisors are my students. All the youth coming here listen to my instructions, receive my blessing. They always come up to me if they have questions, if they don’t understand something. I am the oldest one here,” Ramil Valeev says with pride.

Ramil Valeev remembers the first years of work at the enterprise with special warmth, how the Middle Distillates Hydrotreating Complex- a hydrogen production unit was built.

It is designed to produce hydrogen by steam catalytic conversion of natural gases. The project with a capacity of 16.2 thous. tons per year was put into operation in 2002. As a result of the revamp carried out in 2013, the capacity of the plant was increased to 19.2 thousand tons of hydrogen per year.

— The commissioning team have tested for 72 hours and left, and we, like blind kittens, then got into details, — he says.

Ramil Valeev’s memories of the construction of the Sulfur Recovery Unit with the granulation section are equally vivid. The unit was launched in January 2003. Revamp in 2014 resulted in the increase of the unit design capacity from 35.14 to 55.113 thous. tons of granular sulfur per year.

— I remember how we produced the first sulfur. We made a medal — pressed liquid sulfur and named such a day — “Sulfur Day”. Every year we gathered on this day. In autumn in September. For a picnic and outdoor recreation. We played football, volleyball," recalls the veteran of the production.

Make way for the young

The veterans of production pass on the established traditions to new generations. In recent years, the Crude Oil Processing Plant staff has significantly rejuvenated. The operator of process units Artur Sharifullin got the job at the plant a year and a half ago, right after graduating from the petrochemical college. He followed in his father’s footsteps**.**

My father works here. He insisted on this choice of place when I had a question about where to go to work. I had an internship here, and everything was already familiar. And I decided to find a job here. Regardless of age, everyone supports each other. Social guarantees are provided, there is a decent salary, stability," he emphasizes.

Here Arthur did an industrial internship. He was given a warm reception, told about the subtleties of work at production site, was introduced to the staff.

— I’ve been here for almost a year and a half. In general, while working I received a wealth of knowledge. Every time I’m on shift, I learn and study something new and in various areas. During these one and a half years, I managed to improve my qualifications. All young workers are directed by our company to improve their skills and advance their employment ranks. Therefore, we study at our local college. Some time later, we obtain diplomas, we pass the exams for grades, we improve our grades, - Arthur notes

His plans are to spiral up to being a shift supervisor. In the near future, Artur Sharifullin is going to enroll in a higher education establishment. The young man is sure that everyone can make a career in TAIF-NK JSC. The main thing is to have desire, be hardworking and diligent. His mentor, Ramil Valeev, a veteran of production, agrees with him:

— If you are ambitious, have a desire, then you can make a career in TAIF-NK. Anyone can. And everywhere we make way for the young. If you’re not lazy. That’s how it should be. It’s like this: if you go towards, then they run towards you," he says.

From the operator to the General Director

In the Company there are many examples of how ordinary workers furthered the career ladders step by step. Maksim Novikov, the General Director of TAIF-NK JSC, began his career as an operator of process units at the Crude Oil Processing Plant. Then he worked as a shift supervisor, deputy head of the workshop, deputy chief engineer, 5 years as a chief engineer, and then the way led to TAIF-NK management.

It is very important when a person goes through all the stages in his professional growth. When you grow up from the operators, you know who the operators are, you know all the specifics of the production. Therefore, every step plays an important role. And in the end, in managing it even helps, because you know how your task will be understood - how it will be performed. The goal should be one, clear. The ways to this goal can be different, of course. But the final result should be positive and of high quality," emphasizes Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC.

The director of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, Vladimir Lahomov, also began his career as an operator.

— My career began as a fifth-grade operator at the TAIF-NK refinery.

 By the way, our General Director Maksim Anatolyevich Novikov and the Chief Engineer of the enterprise Alexey Alexandrovich Hramov also come from the Crude Oil Processing Plant. And there are a lot of such examples. Many managers of our plants and in the management have grown here, they made themselves and value their work, says the director of the Crude Oil Processing Plant Vladimir Lahomov.

Well-coordinated and professional staff

Over plenty of years of work at the refinery, a strong and friendly collective has developed, it is prestigious for factory workers to work at a modern, constantly developing enterprise, where the employees are shown consideration for and adequately paid for their job.

One of the measures to support company’s employees is the availability of an expanded package of social safeguard. It incorporates not only guarantees provided for by labor legislation, but also additional payments developed by local acts of the Company. At the expense of Company’s funds, employees are provided with various types of social benefits.

According to Company’s regulations, employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant annually undergo training, improve their qualifications, and take part in professional skill contests. And they show decent results every time.

So at the last republican contest of working professions, which was attended by more than 600 people from all over Tatarstan and the nearest regions, employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant won the prizes. Bulat Nasibullin, an employee of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, took the first prize in the competence “Welder”, his colleague, also representing the Crude Oil Processing Plant, Rustem Khosnullin, became the second in the same nomination.

Professional growth and development of new skills is one of the most important areas in the activities of TAIF-NK JSC. The Company strives to give its employees the tools for development and to create the conditions for the ultimate disclosure of their talent. The refinery is deservedly considered a leader in terms of the personnel development, and also has ample opportunities for career growth.

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