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August 6, 2018    06.08.2018

Competitions among volunteer fire brigade teams is held at TAIF-NK

The annual fire relay competition among the teams of the Voluntary Fire Service at the TAIF-NK championship took place at the sports ground of the Fire Station No. 33. The main goal of the competition is to increase the readiness of the volunteer fire brigade, improve theoretical and practical skills in extinguishing fires and conduct rescue operations at the facilities of TAIF-NK. This year, 30 teams competed for the right to be called the best Voluntary Fire Service team in TAIF-NK. Competitions were held in several stages, including the examination of knowledge of the theory and practical skills of the fire people. The 100 meter-running in a gas mask, knocking down a target with a fire hose, overcoming the boom and fence, extinguishing the source of fire — at all stages of the relay, participants competed in speed, tactics and ability to act with fire and technical equipment. Competitions were held in the individual championships and team championships.

According to the results of the competition prizes were given to as follows:

Individual championship in theoretical training:

1st place – Rail Shaydullin, Instrument Technician, Shop No. 11, Crude Oil Plant

2nd place – Konstantin Ermolaev, Process Unit Operator, Shop No. 03, Crude Oil Plant

3rd place – Andrei Rybakov, Process Unit Operator, Shop No. 12, HRCC

Team Championship (Fire Relay):

1st place – Shop No. 08, HRCC

2nd place – Shop No. 12, HRCC

3rd place – Shop No. 11, Crude Oil Plant

All the winners being the fighters of the volunteer fire brigade were awarded with gifts, certificates and cash prizes, and the winners received the challenge cup at the competitions of Voluntary Fire Service, TAIF-NK PSC.

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