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Web sites, whose names bear similarity to the name TAIF, appear in the Internet. TAIF-NK PSC confirms that its official web site is Other web sites are not informational sources of TAIF-NK PSC.  TAIF-NK PSC is not liable for possible risks arising from use of any information published on such websites.

In case you receive a quotation from any company, whose web site names bear similarity to the name TAIF, please inform us of such fact by email:

Currently, customers are being offered oil products purporting to be TAIF-NK PSC production as well as fake documents by the following companies:


  • Eco and Geme S,A – TAIF-NK PSC letter-head, officers’ signatures and the stamp of  TAIF-NK PSC are fake;
  • Kingston Trade Ltd – provides a fake contract with fake signatures of  TAIF-NK PSC officers and a fake stamp;
  • IMPERIAL OIL TRADING LTD - TAIF-NK PSC letter-head, officers’ signatures, the stamp and the certificate of quality are fake;
  • ZAO “Russian Oil Group” - a fake order for crude oil refining.


Contact information:

Head, Sales Department Rustem R. Hamidullin
tel.: (8555) 38-16-12; e-mail:

Deputy Head, Sales Department Ildus R. Sadikov
tel.: 8 (8555) 38-16-11; e-mail:

Head, Business Analysis and Marketing Department Damir G. Zainakov 
tel.: (8555) 38-16-04; e-mail:

Deputy Head of Trade and Marketing Analysis Department – Yaroslav V. Zakharov
tel.: (8555) 38-52-72; e-mail:

Head,  Foreign Trade Department Irina V. Mokhnacheva 
tel.: 8 (8555) 38-16-84; e-mail:


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