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April 9, 2009

CDU/VDU-7 - 30 years!

On April 9 it has been 30 years since the first production on the facility CDU/VDU-7. The facility CDU/VDU-7 of TAIF-NK PSC is a part of one of the three productions (production #1) of the Refinery Plant of TAIF-NK PSC and is the main technological link of the basic complex of petroleum refining of the Refinery Plant.

The preparatory commissioning works on the facility CDU/VDU-7 with debugging of all systems of process control, molding of technology circuits, running of electric pump equipment and coolers have been completed by the beginning of April, 1979.

On April 9 the facility CDU/VDU-7 has been launched into the factory mode pursuing the production schedule and the first production has been received.

The facility CDU/VDU-7 is designed for processing of 7 million tons of oil per year to give the desired fractions which are the raw materials for basic complex installations and petrochemical plant. During its work the facility has processed more than 180 million tons of oil, the capacity utilization has reached 99.8% which is one of the highest rates in the industry.

During the entire history of its existence the facility has "survived" two reconstructions:

1) in 1991 were modernized:
  • flare system of the facility;
  • park of pumping equipment;
  • heat exchange system of the facility.
2) From 2000 to 2003 the vacuum unit of the facility was reconstructed thanks to which the nomenclature of the output production got the valuable oil product "vacuum gas oil" and the depth of oil refining (including the light and target oil) reached to more than 70%.

At the moment the design - survey works on the third consecutive reconstruction of CDU/VDU-7, the goal of which is:
  • modernization of the facility according to modern rules and regulations of industrial safety with increasing depth of oil refining and raw materials for its performance up to 110% of the existing one. Thus, after completion of all stages of reconstruction the performance of CDU/VDU-7 will be 7 million 700 thousand tons per year.

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