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April 15, 2020    

Arrangements for feeding TAIF-NK employees under pandemic conditions

The largest oil refinery TAIF-NK continues to take the necessary precautions and preventive measures in the fight against the coronavirus infection. In order to minimize the contact of employees, the company has developed a new schedule for visiting canteens, in accordance with which each subdivision goes to the canteen strictly at a specific time.

For security considerations, a special floor marking is applied inside the canteen to maintain social distancing. Maximum two people take food at one table. At the entrance to the premises notices on the prevention of influenza, ARVI and coronavirus infection are posted, as well as skin antiseptics are provided. In all three canteens of the enterprise every two hours, the countertops, equipment, dishware and the entire room are thoroughly treated with sanitizers. Particular attention is paid to the disinfection of dishes, which is carried out at a temperature of at least 65 degrees for 1.5 hours. For the greater safety of its employees, in the canteens TAIF-NK have installed ozonizing air recirculators, destroying viruses and bacteria due to ultraviolet disinfection. The device has no adverse effect on humans; therefore, it can work at any time of the day. Food delivery vehicles also undergo thorough antibacterial treatment. There are no interruptions in the products supply.

In the first days of the pandemic, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection TAIF-NK established an emergency response team by which the epidemiological situation at the enterprise is monitored on a daily basis, and information is collected on employees who are on sick leave and specify the diagnosis. As of today, an increase in the number of cases at the enterprise has not been fixed.

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