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Today Aidar Metshin - Mayor of Nizhnekamsk and Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district has visited TAIF-NK JSC industrial facilities within the working trip. Maxim Novikov - TAIF-NK General Director has presented brief information on the Crude Oil Processing Plant and the output products to the honored guest. During the meeting the leaders discussed the current issues and resumed the preliminary year’s results in terms of production activity and made small talk with the personnel.  Then the delegation went to Gasoline Plant where Aidar Metshin - Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district also talked to the company staff and expressed gratitude.

- The impression of TAIF-NK visit is very good. The purpose of the visit is to update the previous impressions. We are proud of having these production facilities. It is the base that affects the social well-being. For the Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district the availability of such big diversified industrial production plants is not only the emergency fund but it is development. Even in such difficult situation the Company continues the implementation of the large-scale republic and municipal projects that relate to improvement in life quality. It is worth appreciating. We express gratitude to our industrial production plants, shareholders those who create these conditions and what’s the main our employees. Happy upcoming New Year and prosperity! Thank you very much, - Aidar Metshin - Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district and Mayor of Nizhnekamsk addressed the TAIF-NK PSC employees.

In his turn, Maxim Novikov - TAIF-NK JSC General Director noted that the enterprise is operating in a normal mode, despite the difficult epidemiological conditions. The company managed to fulfill two main tasks: to prevent mass leaving of workers on sick leave and at the same time being a large taxpayer and a city-forming enterprise to support the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.

 - We could keep both the rate of development and salary payment in full as well as provide social guarantees, - stressed out Maxim Novikov.  – We faced difficulties but following all necessary requirements we are coping with them.     

TAIF-NK has big plans ahead for the further development of the Company which ensures a leading position in the market of hydrocarbon processing, production and sale of oil products that to the fullest extent possible meet the requirements both the consumers and the Company’s employees.

TAIF-NK JSC is one of the largest and modern oil refining complexes in the Republic of Tatarstan that is part of TAIF Group of Companies.  The Company is one of the leading and steadily developing enterprises in the oil refining industry of the Russian Federation. TAIF-NKJSCkeyactivitiesareasfollows:

  • Crude oil processing;
  • Production and sale of oil products and by-products;
  • Construction and operation of the industrial production facilities.

The main types of production output are Motor Fuels of Euro 5 emission standard including Motor Gasoline and Diesel Fuel, Straight-Run Gasoline and Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases (feedstock for PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and PJSC Kazanorgsintez) as well as Kerosene, Jet Kerosene, Vacuum Gas Oil, Fuel Oil and Bitumen. 


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