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September 22, 2011

By results of off-schedule audit carried out by Rostehnadzor, TAIF-NK company was awarded with Certificate of honour

TAIF-NK Company was awarded by The Federal service of ecological, technological and nuclear control (Rostehnadzor) with Certificate of honour “For the best organization of work on introduction of new technologies, modernization of manufacture, improvement of reliability and security of enterprises’ industrial objects”.

From the 4th till the 31st of August, 2011 the Federal service of ecological, technological and nuclear control carried out an off-schedule exit inspection of TAIF-NK PSC. A commission, included authorized representatives of Rostehnadzor central personnel, West-Ural Rostehnadzor managing department, Privolzhskiy Rostehnadzor managing department, Volzhsko-Okskiy Rostehnadzor managing department, within a month studied TAIF-NK PSC documents, estimating validity of the information, which had been presented to Rostehnadzor before, and carried out inspection of all dangerous industrial objects, technological devices, territories. Today TAIF-NK PSC applies modern technologies and methods of manufacture to create safe working conditions for the companies’ employees, minimize and prevent risks of emergency and unplanned situations and accidents connected with them, professional diseases and adverse influence on environment, as well as maintenance of ecologically safe living conditions in the region of the enterprise functioning.

Now technical re-equipment of diesel fuel hydro-treatment unit with increase of productivity, reconstruction of elementary sulphur production shop and gas oil hydro-treatment unit are carried out in TAIF-NK company. Except this, reconstruction/modernization of CDU/VDU-7 UNIT and construction of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC) is being carried out.

As a result of HRCC completion in 2015 TAIF-NK plans to increase refining capacity from the current 8.1 up to 10.1 million tons and increase refining depth from 73.5 % up to the maximal refining depth (an average rate of the industrial sector in Russia is 71-72 %).

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