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December 13, 2021    

A son of TAIF-NK employee became the winner of the Republican contest for young photographers

TAIF-NK employees and their children took part in the Republican contest for young photographers SURӘT. On December 9, a winner certificate in the nomination “Faces” was given to Insaf, the son of the Procurement Department specialist Damir Zakirov.

- There is my grandfather on the photo - Minvaleyev Zufar Bakhtegareyevich. In his youth, a film camera came into his possession, and he became the first photographer in his village. It is very absorbing to watch his photos in the albums that are filled with Soviet people, rural architecture and nature of Tatarstan. For compositioning of my work, I have found the very same photo camera, from which my grandfather’s creative career had developed. It can also be said with confidence that his hobby transferred across generations, and I was the very person who was inspired by it and took over the title of the photographer. The job keeps in itself the values and interests of one family that could be transferred to the younger generation, - says the contest participant Insaf Zakirov.

The contest is aimed at supporting the young photographers of the Republic of Tatarstan that are focused on the community and cultural identity of the folks and ethnic groups, capture them in time and space, or explore modern socio-cultural groups. Insaf Zakirov’s photo projects will be displayed at the exhibition to be held in Kazan in January.

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