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The analytical agencies summarized the results of 2020 and published ranking of Russia’s largest companies, according to which TAIF-NK JSC has kept its leading positions.

  • According to Forbes magazine, the Company ranks 71st among the 200 largest private companies in Russia.
  • Based on the analysts of the rating agency Expert 400, TAIF-NK JSC ranked 118th  among the 400 largest companies in Russia.
  • TAIF-NK JSC ranks 110th among the 600 largest companies in Russia by volume of sales revenues in the rating RAEX-600.

 These ratings are based on the level of sales of Russian companies. A slight decrease in the positions of TAIF-NK JSC was associated with the consequences of the crisis phenomena that occurred in the global economy and exacerbated by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, which in 2020 was typical for the entire oil and gas sector.
Despite the short-term decline in revenues, TAIF-NK JSC continues to occupy leading positions among the leaders of the largest Russian companies.

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