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November 29, 2010

TAIF-NK PSC is a winner of the competitions “100 best goods of Russia” and “Best goods of the Tatarstan Republic” in 2010.

 On November 25, a formal function to award 2010 winners of the competitions “100 best goods of Russia” and “Best goods of Tatarstan Republic” was held in a hotel and recreational complex “Korston” in Kazan. TAIF-NK won the following:

  1. a Federal Competition  “100 best goods of Russia” for production of high-quality Russian products:
  • Unleaded gasoline Regular Euro-92 grade;
  1. A regional competition “Best goods of the  Tatarstan Republic in the nomination “Technical and industrial goods”:


  • Unleaded gasoline Premium Euro-95 grade;
  • Unleaded gasoline Regular Euro-92 grade;
  • Diesel fuel Euro, grades A, B, C, D, E, F;
  • Jet fuel RT grade;
  • Road bitumen BND 60/90 grade;

Over twenty thousand enterprises and organizations competed for the right to produce the best goods in Russia; they submitted some fifty thousand commodities at a regional stage, and about twenty thousand commodities at a federal stage.

The competition of goods and services is conducted annually and is aimed at revival of quality traditions in the country, support and stimulation of the best Russian producers as well as recognition of their trade mark.

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