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May 29, 2009

Jet fuel has successfully passed testing and certification.

Jet fuel, grade RT manufactured by TAIF NK PSC has successfully passed testing and got a certificate of conformity all requirements declared for the highest category fuels. 

In 2007 certification audit of integrated management system on conformity requirements of international standard AS 9100 (aircraft and astronautics) was successfully carried out in TAIF NK PSC. The sphere of activity declared on certification was “Manufacture, storage and shipment of aviation fuels”. 

In May 2009 year, after successful passage flying tests, Jet fuel, grade RT produced by TAIF NK PSC has got a certificate confirming its compliance with all the requirements of the fuel of the highest category. This certificate allows the implementation of jet fuel produced by TAIF-NK PSC to wide circle of Russian Federation consumers.  

Assessment of TAIF NK PSC jet fuel quality was carried out by authoritative experts of certification centre specialized in certification of aviation fuels and lubricants and special liquids State SRI of civil aircraft (Scientific-Research Institute of civil aircraft).

Jet fuel is manufactured in TAIF NK PSC on highly technological contemporary equipment. Quality parameters of the jet fuel guarantee safe movement of air transport transporting passengers and cargoes. Projecting capacity of units on manufacture of jet fuel amounts to 600 thousand tons per year.

High quality of jet fuel and others motor fuels produced by TAIF NK PSC is the major priority of the companies’ activity. Within 2009 TAIF NK PSC plans to increase significantly shares of jet fuel sales in Russian market. In prospect TAIF NK PSC intends to apply production of jet fuel “Jet A-1”.

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