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September 26, 2011

The Company TAIF-NK is the winner of the contest of "Russian organization of high social efficiency"

On September 26, 2011 a rewarding ceremony for the winners and awardees of the republican stage of All-Russian contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency" has been held in Kazan. According to the results of the competition the company TAIF-NK has become the winner in the nomination "For development of labor market institutions in the production sector ".

This year's winners were determined in 11 nominations. The deserved awards were rewarded to the managers of enterprises and organizations by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of RT Ayrat Shafigullin, the Minister of Economy of RT Midkhat SHagiakhmetov, the First Vice-president of the Association of enterprises and businessmen of Tatarstan Republic, the chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kazan plant “Electropribor” OJSC Gennady Divavin and the chairman of the Federation of trade unions of RT Tatyana Vodopyanova.

The main objective of the competition is identification of Russian companies seeking high social efficiency in solving social problems, study and dissemination of their expertise, development of forms of social partnership in organisations.

According to the competition results the materials of TAIF-NK PSC have been forwarded to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to participate in the federal stage of the All-Russian contest.


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