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November 15, 2010

TAIF-NK has successfully passed the recertification

The certifying authority “Bureau Veritas Certification” has approved the high level of TAIF-NK PSC’s jet-fuel production system functioning. 

The Recertification audit for compliance with standard AS 9100:2001 "Quality Systems. Aerospace" has passed in November of the current year.  Acording to the audit results the company has gained 94.6 points which is higher than the result of the certification audit of November, 2007. (89.8 points). 

The effectiveness of the management system over the period of the certificate validity was approved during the annual surveillance audits. 

Continuous improvement of the quality management system of TAIF-NK PSC will significantly increase the share of sales of jet fuel in the Russian market and allow to enter the export market of aviation fuels.

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