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June 14, 2011

TAIF-NK PSC is a winner of a Republic competition “ECOleader” in the nomination “For Efficient Environmental Management”


TAIF-NK became a winner in the nomination “For Efficient Environmental Management” among the enterprises of a Republican levelin the annual competition “ECOleader”, organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Tatarstan Republic,   based on the results of 2010.

The competition “ECOleader” has been taking place in the Republic since 2004. Its main purpose is to promote a positive experience of the work of organizations and enterprises in the field of environmental protection and resource saving and to give incentives to Tatarstan companies to carry out environmental protection activities.

The award ceremony for the competition winners was held on June 14,2011 in the National Cultural Centre “Kazan” with participation of the Prime Minister of RT Ildar Khalikov, Minister and Ecology and Natural Resources of RT Artyom Sidorov, Minister of Forestry of RT Nail Magdeev, Deputy Chairman of RT State Council Rimma Ratnikova and etc.  


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