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July 12, 2011

TAIF-NK is a winner of a “Best goods of Tatarstan Republic” 2011 competition.

 In June 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Republic summarized the results of a republican competition “Best goods of Tatarstan Republic” for 2011.

Four products of TAIF-NK PSC  were recognized as prize winners in the nomination “Technical and industrial goods” and recommended for participation in a federal stage of the Programme “100 best goods of Russia”, namely:

  • Diesel fuel Euro, grades A, B, C, D, E, F;
  • Jet fuel RT grade;
  • Unleaded gasoline Premium Euro-95 grade;
  • Road bitumen BND 60/90 grade.

416 products and services were submitted to the competition by 212 enterprises of Tatarstan Republic.

Participation of TAIF-NK PSC in this competition is an efficient tool to improve the Company's business reputation as well as an opportunity to prove high quality of its products by independent experts.

Behind an unbiased appraisal of TAIF-NK PSC products, there is continuous and thorough work on improvement of both engineering and management processes.    




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