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A large-scale sports festival came to Nizhnekamsk as well as to hundreds of other Russian towns and cities. The “Ski Track of Nizhnekamsk” was held as part of the open nation-wide mass ski race “Ski Track of Russia - 2023”. The representatives of TAIF-NK Joint Stock Company joined the skiers as a friendly team headed by Maksim Novikov, the General Director of TAIF-NK JSC.

The forest area near the sports and recreation center “Batyr”, where the starts took place, was literally crazy busy with people. The weather also contributed to the high massive participation: there was a slight breeze and a light frost - only 6 degrees below zero. Professional athletes, employees of enterprises and municipal organizations, schoolchildren and students, veterans and “people of spirit” came to the ski track.

Ramil Mullin, the Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district and the Mayor of Nizhnekamsk, gave the start of the mass race.

- I am sincerely glad to welcome you to this sports event! In our town, sports has always developed together with industry, as our enterprises have always invested in the social sector. I would like to wish everyone the active sport longevity, especially since the year of 2023 has been declared the Year of Health and a Healthy Lifestyle in Nizhnekamsk, - the Head of the town and district welcomed the participants of the race.

Maksim Novikov, the General Director of TAIF-NK JSC, is an enthusiastic athlete and an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle. He went to the starting line of “Ski Track of Russia” together with his coworkers-refiners, and completed a one-and-a-half-kilometer distance with the TAIF-NK brand flag in his hands.

- TAIF-NK is a strong friendly team that advances sports and physical culture within the Company. And such mass events show how friendly, optimistic and cheerful our employees are! – Maksim Novikov noted.

Smiles and laugh, cordial greetings, joyful high spirits — the employees of TAIF-NK ran with pleasure on a Saturday afternoon on a forest ski track. The result on that day did not matter; the main thing was solidarity and community of interests, focus on health.

- I take part in the “Ski Track of Russia” and other sports events every year. Here you can always find a good mood, cheerfulness and liveliness. There is no way without sports. I think the most important thing is to stay in shape. Moreover, you keep yourself healthy, and you help others to do it. To a large extent, sport is recreation, - Airat Mustafin, an electrician of Workshop No. 12 of the TAIF-NK Crude Oil Processing Plant, said confidently.

- I have been going in for skiing since my childhood, so I cannot miss such a race. I have come to the competition not alone, my husband and my children are here with me. Our entire family joins a healthy lifestyle. The main thing for me is neither speed nor the result, but the opportunity to have fun for my soul and to keep my health, - Regina Ganieva, a leading power engineer of the chief power engineer department of the TAIF-NK HRCC, said.

The TAIF-NK employees are expected to have many sports events during 2023. The nearest plans are to take part to reach qualifying standards of “Ready for Labour and Defense” sports complex. The Company is under the active preparation for this event already.

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