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«Remember?..» On a fine Friday January day, this question on the TAIF-NK’s production sites and in front office was heard especially often. Strong handshakes, hugs, smiles and most positive emotions filled the meeting of current employees with veterans of the Company. Visit to the native penates became for veterans not only an occasion to see colleagues, but also an opportunity to assess the progressive development of the Company with a professional eye.

These people are not just ordinary visitors. They gave several decades of their lives to their native Company, not metaphorically, but in the most direct way laying the foundations of its vital activity. Most of those who visited TAIF-NK on this day worked at CDU-VDU-7 Unit of the Company's Crude Oil Processing Plant. Here in the workshop No.1, they were welcomed by the current employees of the Plant.

- You should always remember your roots. These people built this Unit and worked on it all their life. I am glad to see them safe and sound. We, the current generation of oil refiners, came here as 20-year-old guys, and they were already experienced workers and taught us to work. I remember almost everyone by his or her first name and patronymic. It is not surprising that the current leadership of TAIF-NK began their career at the Crude Oil Processing Plant, largely thanks to their invaluable lessons, - Vladimir Lahomov, Director of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, noted the contribution of veterans.

Pavel Gavrilov, Head of Workshop No. 01 conducted a detailed tour of CDU-VDU-7 Unit - «heart» of Crude Oil Processing Plant.

- I remember the years when I worked under the supervision of them, he said. - They gave me their work experience and I, in turn, pass this experience on. Thank them so much for raising and teaching us.  

The veterans have a professional look, the questions are specific. During the years that they were on well-deserved rest, CDU-VDU-7 Unit was upgraded.  Improvements were carried out on the furnaces, Vacuum Unit and other units. Optimally selected gas mixtures have a positive effect on the environment. As Pavel Gavrilov explained, the Plant workers never stop developing: something is constantly being introduced and improved - both in terms of industrial safety and in the field of labor protection.

- I got a job here in November 1978. I have worked for almost 40 years. The changes are visible, and they are for the better. Order is everywhere, cleanliness; people are well-organized, trained, with a good education. Honestly, emotions are overwhelming. I am very satisfied. I am glad that I met with my colleagues, - Minaskhat Khasanshin said.

- I have worked at this plant for 37 years, 25 of them at the Crude Oil Processing Plant. Impressions are good. I have seen friends and acquaintances. I see that new nozzles were installed.  Previously, two or three people used to walk around with torches to light the nozzles, and now it’s automated. You open the gas, press the button – the nozzles turn on, - Gumar Batyrov rejoiced at the process changes.

- I see a lot of new things here. I worked on the maintenance of furnaces, everything is upgraded there. Natural gas is used, and earlier – fuel oil. It is very nice that Company do not forget about us. And we do not forget about it, - Rizvan Nabiullin said.

- I worked here as a power engineer since 1977. You can see that a lot has changed. It became better, more interesting. There is some kind of sedateness and professionalism. It is a special pleasure to see many young people. We wish our company great success, good luck and prosperity. We wish health and positive energy to the managers and all the staff. I am full of emotions! I am glad that everything is operating, everything is fine, despite the difficulties, - Olga Novikova did not hide her positive impressions.

The development of technologies also impressed veterans when visiting workshop No. 09 of Crude Oil Processing Plant, where the local treatment facilities of the Company are located. Ruslan Valeev, the Head of workshop told in detail about all stages of improvements concerning this extremely important facility from the point of view of environmental care. He explained that if earlier the water from the industrial facilities of the enterprise was sent to the treatment plants of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, now it goes through a closed loop and returns back to production. This was due to the fact that physicochemical treatment units, biological treatment units and desalting unit were put into operation at the treatment facilities, and the most modern technologies were used in their construction.

The veterans were very pleased with what they heard and saw at the treatment facilities.

The logical chord of the tour was a visit by former employees of the most advanced and, without exaggeration, unique TAIF-NK facility – a Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. HRCC is a powerful step in the development of the Company, which allowed it to achieve a truly deep crude oil refining and rise to the first lines of domestic and international ratings for the light petroleum products yield.

First of all, Maxim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC noted this aspect at the meeting with veterans in the front office of the Company, this meeting marked a significant part of a tour.

The General Director recalled that last year TAIF-NK achieved the highest percentage of light products yield among oil refineries. On average, in 2022 it amounted to 88.7%. And in some months, for example, in December, the yield of light products reached 94.5%. If in the past the Company produced only Straight-Run Gasoline, Heating Kerosene and Diesel Fuel, now the list of products counts more than five dozen. And that is not the limit of improvement.

- Today the distinguished guests – employees of TAIF-NK, who are on a well-deserved rest, are visiting our company. We are always glad to have guests, but it is a double pleasure for us when we are visited by people who worked for many years at the company. They gladly responded to the initiative to visit TAIF-NK, to see how the company is dynamically developing, what new technologies have been introduced recently... I think they are pleased to visit their workplaces and communicate with young employees. We have a very warm, friendly relationship with veterans. I would like to thank them very much for the contribution they have made, and partly what we have now - a modern, high-tech enterprise - is their direct merit, because they stood at the origins and set the tone of industrial life, - Maksim Novikov said.

Many of the veterans left their native penates with tears in their eyes. As anxious parents who never stop worrying about the fate of their own children, these people of labor closely follow their native Company, wish it every success and sincerely rejoice at its achievements. It is much more interesting for the modern generation to work at the Company with such a powerful rear.

At the end of the event, dear veterans shared their collective impressions:

- We still have a smile on our face. Everything is organized perfectly. We were very welcoming.  The specialists on site told everything beautifully and professionally. It is clear that they love their work and know it perfectly! It was nice to see yesterday's students who reached the heights!!!  It was also nice to see the former employees! And the table was just a bouquet, blossoming in the middle of winter. Such a pleasant feeling inside, warm. We are remembered and respected! Thanks to the organizers!!! We thank everyone who is involved in organizing the meeting. .   



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