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August 18, 2011    


November 24, 4680 "Tatarstan elite" Journal, April 2012

TAIF-NK PSC is the world standard level

TAIF-NK PSC main purpose in sphere of ecological protection is ecological effectiveness increasing, observing of established ecological standards and planning.
The enterprises’ nature-conservative activity is aimed at execution of TAIF-NK PSC ecological policy, main aims of which are introduction of advanced technologies and methods ensuring observation of established standards of maximally acceptable environmental influence: perfection and improvement of effectiveness of industrial and ecological control over compliance with requirements of environmental protection standards, carrying out of preventive actions reducing negative influence; rational use of material and power resources.


November 24, 8060 Tatarstan Elite . January-February 2012

TAIF-NK PSC Victory again!

The basic component of success in the modern market is product quality. And in such branch as oil refining, the quality standards should be of a world level. Just so, strictly complying with the highest requirements, improving constantly technological and administrative processes, TAIF-NK PSC takes the leading positions in Russian oil refining today.


Industrial and Environmental Safety Magazine #1. January 2012

TAIF-NK PSC is the winner of competition “Industrial and Environmental Safety– 2011”

in nomination: “For high culture in the field of industrial and environmental safety, realization of unique for the region innovative projects and informational openness”.

The modern oil refining TAIF-NK PSC complex makes 97 % of Tatarstan oil products and is one of the largest companies of the region in providing with resources of petrochemical producers of TAIF companies Group on the republic territory. To strengthening of leading positions and the further progressive development of the company, continuous work on perfection and modernization of capacities, as well as introduction of innovative technologies, substantially assists, Thus the main accent of the company management is concentrated at maintenance of produced goods high quality, industrial and environmental safety, labour safety level rising.


Top Builder #6 December 2011.

TAIF-NK PSC is a modern oil refining complex, including Refining plant, the Gasoline plant and Gas condensate processing plant.

TAIF-NK PSC is a part of TAIF group, one of Russia’s largest diversified holding companies , which owns significant assets in petrochemical, energetical and other industries. TAIF-NK PSC has been successfully developing in Nizhnekamsk industrial site since 1997. More than 2.900 people are employed here and it is a young solid strong team of high level professionals.


TehNADZOR Magazine №7, July 2011

All my Congratulations with professional holiday to all staff and veterans of environmental, technological and nuclear oversight Federal Service – serious, reputable agency with great experience in industrial facilities safety.

General Director, TAIF-NK PSC, Amil Kalimullin.


November 24, 6560 Nizhnekamskoe Vremya #18

Congratulations on the victory! To World Championship – together with TAIF-NK

Due to the support of TAIF-NK, a Kyokushin karate national team of Tatarstan Republic participated in the World Championship, where it gained a flawless victory.


Russian Newspaper # 7 (5383)

Out of competition. TAIF-NK General Director is recognized as a Manager of the Year in Tatarstan


An award ceremony for the winners of a Republican competition “Manager of the Year–2010” was held in Kazan. Again, among its winners was Alexander Babynin, head of an oil refining company TAIF-NK.


Rossiyskaya gazeta # 288 (5367)

The fuel is in the top list. TAIF-NK company gasoline has got into Top hundred Russian goods.

TAIF-NK Nizhnekamsk refinery complex became a prizewinner in Federal competition “Top hundred Russian goods”. The company was awarded for production of high-quality gasoline “Regular Euro-92” grade.


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya #51

Congratulations with the victory! TAIF-NK PSC goods are the best.

TAIF-NK PSC became a winner in just two competitions: regional and federal: “Top hundred Russian goods” and “Top goods of Tatarstan Republic”. Over 20 thousand companies and organizations presented about 50 thousand products at regional stage and about 20 thousands goods at federal stage competed for the right to produce the best goods of the country.


Oil and Capital Magazine №11

Deep modernization. TAIF-NK PSC increases its efficiency.

TAIF-NK PSC continues to modernize Nizhnekamsk Refinery Plant. For the last 3 years the company has increased the depth of oil refining per 8% and the light weight oil production per 14%. It has greatly strengthened its financial position. Otherwise the main reserves of its growth are largely exhausted. The effective increasing of the company’s efficiency is possible only with maximum deepening of oil refining (from present day’s 74,1% up to 98,5%). And TAIF-NK PSC is just preparing for starting this project’s realization.


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